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Ajax Pickering Summer Hockey


Almost every young player dreams at some point of playing goal.  Its not as easy as it looks, and beginners often give up quickly after letting in a dozen goals in their first game.  Having a very weak goaltender on a team is no fun for anyone, the team morale suffers as well as the goaltender's confidence.

To this end, we try to follow these guidelines when assigning goaltenders to teams:

1. Preference is first given to goaltenders who have played goal in the League in previous seasons.

2. Preference is next given to goaltenders who have played goal in the previous winter season.

3. Preference is next given to goaltenders with their own equipment.

4. Preference is next given to the order of registration.

5. Goaltender applications are considered conditional until May 1st, when all goaltender applications are reviewed against the criteria above.  Non-successful goaltender entries will have their registration fees returned.

For players that want to try playing goal but are not sure, we suggest contacting the coach to possibly play on occasions when the assigned goaltender is absent